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Anna's Ring Size Guide

If you are not sure what size ring is your prefect fit? Let us help! 

Follow the step-by-step guide to help you find your ring diameter and circumference. 

Our Ring Size Chart shows European and US sizes.

Ring Measurement Chart

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Measure your diameter

To measure the diameter (width of your ring on the inner side), you will need a ring that fits your relevant finger well and a measuring tool. 

Step 1:

Choose a ring you already wear comfortably on your desired finger.

14 K Gold rings

Step 2:

Now measure from side-to-side of the innermost part of the ring.

Measure your diameter - Very Anna Rings

Step 3:

View the corresponding measurement against the ring chart, and Voil脿 this is your size!聽

Very Anna Ring Size Chart

Measure your circumference

To measure the circumference (circle around the base of your finger), you will need a piece of string, a pen and a measuring tool.聽

Step 1:

Place the string around your finger. Make sure that it is wrapped comfortably and not too tight. Then mark the spot where the string meets – this will be the length of the string.聽

Measure ring circumference - Very Anna Rings

Step 2:

Place the string on your measuring tool / ruler and measure in millimeters. This is your ring circumference.

Measure ring circumference - Very Anna Rings

Step 3:

Finally, check the measurement chart to view your ring size!聽

measure your circumference

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